Covering Machines for Spandex

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This covering machine is developed on the basis of well-proven designs and constructed in modular structure. The machine is able to fulfill the covering of Spandex by synthetic filaments or short staple yarns. Two main motors controlled by independent inverters are fitted at the machine end. One is to drive collectively all the spindles of the machine, another is to drive the winding motion of the whole machine take-up positions. This configuration makes the spindles of the complete machine run in a true uniform speed and helps the winding of all the take-up positions achieve a precise and even package formation. The machine is equipped with computerized electronic systems for feeding, drafting, twisting and winding, it guarantees the covering has both correct draft and twist ratio, and as a result gets a perfect package formation. All the production parameters, including the winding cross-angle, the take-up tapering, lip breaking, draft ratio and twist times, can be easily programmed in the touchscreen of the machine!


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Single or double covering of Spandex by Polyamide or Polyester filaments, or by short staple yarns for narrow fabric weaving, seamless underwear knitting and socks knitting.


Machine Models and Specifications

Model number MWJ-192A MWJ-192B MWJ-384
No. of spindles 192/256/288 (32 per section) 192/256/288 (36 per section) 384 (48 per section)
Covering mode Double/Single Covering Single Covering Double Covering
Take-up bobbin (mm) Ø56xØ62 xL160/L220 Ø56xØ62 xL160/L220 Ø56xØ68xL220
Take-up positioning 2 floors, 2 sides 3 floors, 2 sides 2 floors, 2 sides
Twist range (t/m) 200 ~ 3000 adjustable
Twist direction “S” or “Z” adjustable
Draft range (times) 1.6 ~ 6 adjustable
Covering bobbin (mm) Ø84xØ36 xL140
Spindle speed (rpm) 9000 ~ 18000 controlled by Inverters.
Above 18000 rpm is AVAILABLE ON REQUEST.
Take-up forming (a) Automatically controlled by servo motor with PLC system.
(b) Mechanically controlled by gear-box.
Twist & Draft control (a) Automatically controlled by electronic inverters with motors.
(b) Mechanically controlled by changing gears.


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