Large Package Two for One Twisting Machine

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It is a version of large package Two-for-One twisting machine developed for producing high-tenacity synthetic threads for industrial applications. The machine is built with modular structure, that gives it the ability to meet the market demands for producing various yarn threads with different yarn materials. Thanks to the using of advanced control means, the machine is able to perform twisting and winding precisely in compliance with the production parameters stored in the machine control terminal, and to achieve a most perfect package forming. Both the machine head and the tail are fitted with driving motors which are under an integrated controlling system that guarantees the spindles of the whole machine run synchronously. For the convenience of and less investment for our customers, the machine is designed with the flexibility that the yarn feeding bobbins and take-up bobbins have the same dimensions, the two are interchangeable!

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Possible Applications:  

Twisting of Polyester, Nylon, Glass fiber yarns and so on into high-tenacity synthetic threads used as suitcases fabric yarn, high intensity sewing threads, industrial drive belt threads, lashing threads, fishing net threads, etc.


 Machine Models and Specifications

Model number


Twisting mode

One process two for one twisting

No. of spindles

100 (10 per section).

Additional spindle numbers AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

Take-up positioning

1 floor, 2 sides

Take-up bobbin length

Max. 300mm

Twist range (t/m)

50 ~ 2000 adjustable

Twist direction

S or Z adjustable

Spindle range

230mm/250mm/280mm/320mm OPTIONAL

Spindle speed (rpm)

5000 ~ 10000

Take-up forming Automatically controlled by servo motor with PLC system.
Twist control Automatically controlled by electronic inverters with PLC system..


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