• Working principle of ultrasonic cutting machine

    1. The working principle of ultrasonic cutting machine is completely different from traditional cutting machine. It uses the energy of ultrasonic to melt the local heating of the material to be cut, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting the material. Therefore, ultrasonic cutting does not requi...
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  • The global battle for seamless knitting machines

    Seamless knitwear is a one-time forming fabric produced by a novel special forming equipment-seamless knitting machine, which can be used to make underwear, swimwear, sportswear and other categories. Statistics show that in 2005, seamless knitting and traditional knitting accounted for 40% and 60...
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  • DIGI-KAST 5 for Muller MBJ3 and MBJ3.1 179729338

    DIGI-KAST 5 for Muller MBJ3 and MBJ3.1 179729338

      DIGIKAST 483 M warp tension controller compatible for Muller Mugrip MBJ2, as well as for Muller Mugrip MBJ1  and other woven label weaving looms. High quality with good feedback from users. Original part number Specification Description 179 729 268 190/45.5X250 DIGI KAST 4-P...
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  • label compact Screen printer

    We sold label compact Screen printer to European country Romania on Sep.2020. Machine has 3 colors including 2 front plus 1 back. Printing machine has Servo system and Steel belt to print at high accuracy and printing rapport is constant. The maximum printing width is 180mm. Machine can print the...
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  • Ultrasonic cutting machine

    We sold Ultrasonic cutting machine to European country Italy. This machine can do the angle cut. The cutting wide range is from 10mm~65mm, cutting length range is from 55mm~400mm. Our machine can cut very thin fabric very well. Below is our cutting sample pictures of 45 degree angle cutting and t...
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  • 8 drums Finishing machine.

    Cylinders coated by Teflon, not easy for absorbing glue. Suitable for the starching of webbings thickness up to 5mm. Heating by steam or by air. Driven by independent motor,each cylinder with independent temperature control.
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  • From Floppy to USB for Muller MBJ3 STAUBLI JC5 Bonas label machine

    Product Description Fusb floppy to USB conversion forMULLER MBJ3 STAUBLI JC5 BONAS label weaving machine Features: 1. Floppy to USB conversion through 34pin floppy disk driver interface, easy to install, no need to modify system settings. 2. Built-in 2MegaBytes flash memory for data transfer, da...
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  • Your are warmly welcome to visit our booth at ITMA 2019 Barcelona

    Your are warmly welcome to visit our booth at ITMA 2019 Barcelona

    On the booth we will show: Spare Parts, MYQ1/350 loom for special wide narrow fabric, MYF-21R Rotary Flex label printing machine, MY348 label cutting & folding machine.
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