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    We are partner supplier of spare parts and accessories in good quality with competitive prices for weaving machines, and Jacquard or Dobby machines.
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    We concentrate on narrow fabric industry and offer weaving and finishing machines for technical webbing such as straps, slings, fiber glass tapes, Velcro tapes..., and elastic or non-elastic narrow fabrics.
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    We follow the trend in textile label industry by offering high quality and cost-effective cutting & folding machines, rotary printing machines, woven label looms and label finishing machines.

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is a reputable company headquartered in China and is engaged in the following business activities:

1Customers’ partner supplier of spare parts and accessories for looms, and for Dobby and Jacquard machines.

1As professional and experienced service provider, TECHFULL is dedicated to offering functional machines for narrow fabrics, especially for technical webbing.

1Supported by specialized production line and high skilled talents, TECHFULL works on providing quality machines for label ribbons and end labels to customers worldwide.



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Our regular customers

  • Working principle of ultrasonic cutting machine

    1. The working principle of ultrasonic cutting machine is completely different from traditional cutting machine. It uses the energy of ultrasonic to melt the local heating of the material to be cut, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting the material. Therefore, ultrasonic cutting does not require a sharp edge, nor does it require a lot of pressure, so that it will not cause the edge of the cut material to collapse and damage. At the same time, due to the ultrasonic vibration of the cutting knife, the friction resistance is very small, and the cutting material is not easy to stick to the blade. It is especially suitable for cutting viscou...
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  • The global battle for seamless knitting machines

    Seamless knitwear is a one-time forming fabric produced by a novel special forming equipment-seamless knitting machine, which can be used to make underwear, swimwear, sportswear and other categories. Statistics show that in 2005, seamless knitting and traditional knitting accounted for 40% and 60% of the global knitted underwear market respectively. In recent years, as the global textile layout has shifted to Asia and even more to China, more and more enterprises in my country are engaged in the production of seamless knitwear. No matter domestic sales or foreign trade processing, the domestic seamless clothing market is very strong. Poten...
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