From Floppy to USB for Muller MBJ3 STAUBLI JC5 Bonas label machine


Product Description

Fusb floppy to USB conversion forMULLER MBJ3 STAUBLI JC5 BONAS label weaving machine


1. Floppy to USB conversion through 34pin floppy disk driver interface, easy to install, no need to modify system settings.

2. Built-in 2MegaBytes flash memory for data transfer, data reserved even the power is shut down.

3. USB flash disk with Large capacity is supported, all the files in USB flash disk are input to the machine possibly. After the USB flash disk is pluged in converter, first 1.44MB of files under the root directory in USB disk are read into 2. MB built-in flash memory auto, while the total files under root directory are exceed the 1.44MB capacity, you have to press the read-in button, to flush the files in 2MB built-in memory with next 1.44MB files under root directory. Through this process, you can read all the files in USB disk.

4. Most of machine with floppy driver are supported.

Post time: Mar-16-2020