Warping machine MJW400P

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- Efficient for the warping of natural or man-made staple yarns, continuous filament as well for narrow fabric weaving.

- Simply use pressure roller to drive the beam to reach yarn tension consistency and uniformity during full winding.

- Pneumatic controlling system is equipped to control the pressure performances and which is adjustable.

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Model number MJW400P
 Applicable beam sizes Beam flange: max. Ø400mmBeam width: 181mm up to 272mm optionalBeam shaft: Ø17mm/Ø20mm with bearings
Warping speed Max. 400 m/min.controlled by frequency converter
Warping length control Adjustable with length counting
Winding control By expansion combs with cross-lapper reedExpansion degree is adjustable to suit the warp density
Yarn breakage control With breakage detection and machine stop automatically.
 Creels With 168 cone positions as standard.Or, other number of positions on requestEquipped with friction-disk tensioners and ceramic guiding kits
Compressed air Min. 5 bar is required


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