Warping machine MJR400P

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- Specially efficient for the warping of highly elastic yarns as Latex, synthetic elastomers and covered rubber threads.

- Simply use pressure roller to drive the beam to reach yarn tension consistency and uniformity during full warping.

- Pneumatic controlling system is equipped to control the pressure performances and which is adjustable.

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Model number MJR400P
 Applicable beam sizes Beam flange: max. Ø400mmBeam width: 181mm up to 272mm optional

Beam shaft: Ø17mm/Ø20mm with bearings

Warping speed Max. 400 m/min.controlled by frequency converter
Warping length control Pre-set and with length counting
Winding control By expansion combs with cross-lapper reedExpansion degree is adjustable to suit the warp density
Yarn breakage control With breakage detection and machine auto-stop motion
 Positive Roll-off Creels With positions of 72 or 144 in 2 modulesOr, other number of positions on request

Paper Tube: Ø47mm x 160mm

Compressed air Min. 5 bar is required


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