Computerized Jacquard needle loom MYM-J series

Short Description:


- Computerized Jacquard machine is integrated with the loom to produce complex Jacquard patterns.

- Designing software is supplied with the machine which is simple and easy to be processed on any PC.

- Input the designs onto the controller simply by an USB key and set all the production data on the touch screen.

- The Jacquard harnesses are driven by sensitive and accurate magnetic devices with high quality performances.

- All the Jacquard lifting accessories are of the first-class material to make precise movement and have durable lifetime.

Product Detail

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Available Tech-attachments:

1. Double or single selvage Picot knitting system (by warp or weft)

2. Elastic rubber thread delivery devices.

3. Finished fabric roll-up devices


Model Number MYM-/-J- (example: MYM18/18-J128)
Loom type MYM series looms
Jacquard type Jacquard hooks controlled by efficient magnetic module of every 8 hooks as integration.
Jacquard hooks controlled by independent magnetic kit, good for heavier Jacquard weaving.
No. of spaces 18 14 8 8 6 6 4 4 2 2
Reed width (mm) 18 30 55 27 80 42 110 65 130 175
Shedding motion Jacquard weave by electronic Jacquard machine with magnetic controlled hooks.Numbers of hooks available:128/192/240/320/384/480/512/640/768 hooks
Ground weave by 8 ~ 12 harness frames
Pick density 3.5 ~ 36.7 wefts/cm
Selvedge knit Single / double binder threads or latching / locking threads on request
Take-off rollers Single / Double take-off rollers (Optional)Grooved steel rollers / PU covered rollers (Optional)
Speed control  Single-speed motor with Frequency ConverterDouble-speed motor with Slow Motion

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