Covering machine MY2000D

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- Widely used in the covering of Latex threads or Spandex for narrow fabric weaving industry.

- Machine is built in lean and concise configuration to have high running speed and need minimum maintenance.

- Spindles driving by tangential belt to make stable and uniform performance and offer consistent yarn tension.

- Spindles are sophisticated and with top quality bearing to realize high speed and energy saving.

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Model number MY2000D
Covering mode Double covering
No. of take-up positions 16 – 80
No. of covering spindles 32 – 160 of 32 spindles as a section
Winding modeoptional Mechanical system
Computerized system
Spindle speed (rpm) 15000 ~ 18000 controlled by frequency converters
Twisting range 200 ~ 3500t/m, S/Z direction
Drafting range 1.5 ~ 6.0 times
Winding traverse stroke 160mm
Covering bobbins 140mm x Ø84mm/Ø90mm optional
Core thread feeding Latex feeding / Spandex feeding optional



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