Compact Screen Print Machine

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- An economic screen printing machine both in its measurements and investment!

- Roll to roll printing, convenient and efficient.

- Ribbon transportation by Servo System to obtain precise printing performance.

- With photoelectric sensor for catching the target color to have automatic color register control.

- Screen frame with self-adjustment in running process to obtain the most accurate printing effect.

- With automatic tension control system to satisfy the printing of various thickness of the ribbons.

- On machine stop the screen frame itself goes up automatically to avoid ribbon damage.

- With Infrared dryers on each printing position to get the finest color fixation effect.

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Model No. Print-color Max.print-area Speed Power Machine size
MYS-22C 1+1 W150xL300mm 5M/min 6kW 220x85x160cm
MYS-21C 2+0 W150xL300mm 6M/min 7kW 320x85x160cm
MYS-32C 2+1 W150xL300mm 5M/min 8kW 380x85x160cm
MYS-31C 3+0 W150xL300mm 6M/min 9kW 410x85x160cm
MYS-42C 3+1 W150xL300mm 5M/min 10kW 520x85x160cm
MYS-41C 4+0 W150xL300mm 6M/min 11kW 550x85x160cm

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