Warping machine MJS535

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- Has wide applicable range for the warping of natural or man-made fiber yarns and synthetic filament yarn.

- With PLC to work with Inverter keeps the running at constant linear velocity throughout the whole warping.

- With pneumatic controlled brake system makes the stop instant and the stop torque is adjustable.

- Equipped with yarn accumulation devices to guarantee the warping is precise and stable at high running.

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Model number MJS535
Applicable beam sizes Beam flange: max. Ø535mm (21”)Beam width: 540mm
Warping speed Max.1000 m/min.controlled by frequency converter and PLC
Warping length control Pre-set and with length counting
Winding control By expansion combs with cross-lapper reedExpansion degree is automatically adjusted.
Yarn breakage control With breakage detection and machine stop automatically
Yarn accumulations 10 meters
Yarn oiling devices Available on request
Creels Designed and made to order


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