Needle Weaving Machine

Short Description:

* Electronically controlled multicolor filling and warp shedding gives the machine properties to make elaborate labels with any complex pattern.

* The high technological design of the machine let it be able to produce varicolored taffeta, satin or semi-satin labels from synthetic or natural yarns.

* Fully automatic let-off and take-up systems equipped guarantees the machine to make labels with the finest and uniform weave, straight selvedges as well.

* The built-in fabric ironing system allows the woven label to have the effect and quality that can meet the highest request in the market.

Product Detail

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Model No. MVC14/24 MVC12/30 MVC10/36 MVC8/46 MVC7/57 MVC6/66
Number of weaving 14 12 10 8 7 6
Reed width (mm) 24 30 36 46 57 66
Weft colors available 4~5 4~5 4~5 4~8 4~8 4~8
Speed (rpm) 800~1000 800~1000 800~1000 800~1000 800~1000 700~900
Jacquard machine optional Original French electronic Jacquard machine with microprocessor
Patented Chinese electronic Jacquard machine with microprocessor
Elastic warp feeder Available depending on the label characteristics


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