Multi-strands Twisting Machine

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Important Features

The machine is developed for the assembling and twisting in one process of more than 2 strands of synthetic filament yarns, or of glass fiber yarns and cotton fiber yarns. Thanks to the using of advanced control means, the machine is able to perform  twisting and winding precisely in compliance with the production parameters stored in the machine control terminal, and to achieve the most perfect package formation. The machine has the system to program the spindle speed, twisting ratio and twist direction, etc. on its touch screen. By using high quality and highly standardized components the machine offers high output at low energy consumption.


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Assembling and twisting in one process of more than 2 strands of Rayon, Polyester, Polyaimde, Glass fiber or Cotton yarns.


Machine Models and Specifications

Model number


Assemble-twist mode

Assembly of 2 strands and twisted in one process

For strand numbers above 2 AVAILABLE ON REQUEST

No. of spindles

160/200 (16/10 spindles per section).

Take-up positioning

2 sides of 1 layer

Take-up bobbin length

Max. 300mm

Twist range (t/m)

50 ~ 2000 adjustable

Twist direction

S or Z adjustable

Feeding bobbin length

Max. 300mm

Spindle speed (rpm)

5000 ~ 15000

Take-up forming Automatically controlled by servo motor with PLC system.
Twist control Automatically controlled by electronic inverters with PLC system..


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