Warping Machine for non-elastic yarns

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It is the warping machine developed for the warping of non-elastic yarns for narrow fabric weaving. The yarns on the creels are taken off and guided passing through a set of tensioning rollers to the expansion reeds, which then evenly distribute the yarns onto the beam. The winding of the yarns on the beam is performed directly by the beam itself which is driven by an inverter controlled motor and is attached with a magnet brake system to stop the machine automatically and instantly in case of yarn breakages. The taking off of the yarns from creels and the winding up of the yarns on the beam are kept in constant and steady synchronization as an integrated working system, that consequently guarantees the yarns have consistent and uniform tension during the whole winding process. All the performances are regulated by the central PLC controlling system of the machine. 

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To warp non-elastic yarns as natural or man-made fiber yarns, low stretch filaments as Nylon or Polyester, and monofilament as well.


Machine Models and Specifications

Model number


Warping drive

Positive drive controlled by Inverter with PLC system

Warping speed


Tensioning devices

With tension regulating roller system

Yarn break control

With automatic machine stop motion on yarn breakage.

Applicable beams 21’’ beams of Ø535mm x 535mm, CUSTOMIZTION IS SUPPORTED.
Creels Rotation style for replacing cone bobbins.

Capable to be built with the number of ends according to the application requirements.

Equipped with oil-hydraulic yarn tensioning devices.

Equipped with Infrared yarn break detecting devices.

Beam positioning With automatic beam up and down mechanism for fitting the beam.
Anti-static With static eliminators and yarn oiling devices
Compressed air 0.4~0.8Mpa is required


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