Mobile Tying-in Machine

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Important Features

It is a smart tying-in machine for narrow fabric weaving. It is power free, compact, and hand moveable. It is specially adapted for use in small and narrow spaces. It deals with the tying of filaments, multiple ply yarns, either they are twisted or non-twisted. It has a leasing mechanism with the system to detect and stop the machine when false leasing is detected, and when yarn breakage or doubling occurs. The machine is equipped with yarn tensioning devices to assure the yarns have uniform tension when being divided. The tying motion is designed in double knot mode, that guarantees that each individual yarn is knotted firm and without the possibility of disengagement. 

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Possible Applications:  

Tying-in of filaments, multiple ply yarns, the yarns with twists or without twist.


Machine Models and Specifications

Model number

MWT178 (for non-elastic yarns)

MWT179 (for elastic yarns)

Yarn range

70D ~ 3000D

70D ~ 1000D

Tying mode

Double knot

Double knot

Tying speed

240 ~ 480 knots/min.

60 ~ 180 knots/min.

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