Needle Looms for heavy and stiff tapes

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These are the narrow fabric weaving machines or narrow fabric needle looms built with a compact and sturdy structure. They are constructed with the configurations that the harness frames are driven up by robust shedding levers straightly opposite and with metal springs to release down. It is efficient for the looms to build relatively bigger and neat shed openings for weft insertion. The looms use powerful metal gear sets to regulate the weft density and stout take-up rollers to pull up the webbing. All these virtues give the looms the abilities to produce heavy and stiff tapes or belts, either when the yarns are of high tenacity filaments or stiff flat plastic yarns.

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Possible Applications:

Jumbobag lifting slings

Tie-down straps

Webbings made of plastic flat yarns

Webbings made of synthetic multifilaments


Machine Models with Specifications

Model number MYJ8/35S MYJ6/55S MYJ4/60S MYJ4/90S MYJ2/110S MYJ2/130S
Head numbers 8 6 4 4 2 2
Reed width 35mm 55mm 60mm 90mm 110mm 130mm
Shed opening 50mm
Filling Single weft needle / Double weft needles OPTIONAL
Weft feeding Fan shaped disk feeding / Weft accumulators feeding, OPTIONAL
Harnesses 8 ~ 12 harness frames OPTIONAL
Pick repeats 16-48 by pattern chains / 1:8 by cams OPTIONAL
Weft densities 3.5 ~ 36.7 wefts/cm
Selvedge knit I: Weft knitting
II: Binder thread knitting
Take-off rollers Double take-off rollers & Grooved steel rollers / PU covered rollers OPTIONAL
Rubber feeder Positive feeding devices for Latex threads delivery, AVAILABLE



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