Looms for heavy-duty webbings

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These are heavy-duty narrow fabric weaving machines or heavy-duty narrow fabric needle looms which are constructed with versatile abilities to produce from medium heavy to much heavier synthetic webbbings, either the webbings are woven in simple or intricate patterns and with short or long pick repeats. The advantages of this type of looms are based on its well-proven designs and the successful mechanisms they are equipped with. The shedding motion together with the take-up mechanism are driven by integrated worm-gear systems with the internal gears, shafts, as well as the shedding levers radically reinforced. They are able to sustain strict requirements for producing various types of heavy webbings. 

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Possible Applications:  

Synthetic webbings, web slings

High-tenacity webbings

Webbing thickness between 3~6mm


Machine Model and Specifications

Model number MYM2/80G MYM2/135G MYM2/165G MYM2/180VG
No. of spaces 2 2 1 1
Reed width 80mm 135mm 165mm 180mm
Shed opening 50mm 50mm 50mm 72mm
Filling Single weft needle / Double weft needles OPTIONAL
Weft feeding Automatic Synchro belt feeding
Binder feeding Fan shaped disk feeding
Harnesses 12 harnesses
Pick repeats 1:8 by cams / 16-36 by pattern chains
Weft densities 2.46 ~ 11.67 wefts/cm
Selvedge knit I: Weft knitting
II: Binder thread knitting
III: Weft and the binder thread knitting
V: Weft with binder thread and locking thread knitting
Take-off rollers Double take-off rollers

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