Looms for moderate heavy webbing

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These are sturdily built narrow fabric weaving machines or narrow fabric needle looms with particularly strengthened machine base and stabilized shaft supporting frames. The looms are developed for the production of industry technical webbings, such as cargo straps or tie-down lashings and protective belts. The harness frames, shedding levers and beating-up devices have been specially reinforced, the shed openings are enlarged, especially the take-up mechanism is intensified by using robust driving gears with stout take-up rollers. These significant modifications give the looms the abilities to weave synthetic webbing which can be relatively thicker (e.g. around 3mm) and with relatively dense wefts. 

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Possible Applications:  

Industry protection belts

Safety harnesses

Lashing and cargo straps

Tie-down lashings

High-tenacity narrow fabrics



Machine Model and Specifications

Model number MYK4/55NG MYK2/65NG MYK2/80NG MYK2/110NG MYK2/175NG
Head numbers 4 2 2 2 2
Reed width 55mm 65mm 80mm 110mm 175mm
Shed opening 47mm
Filling Single weft needle / Double weft needles OPTIONAL
Weft feeding Fan shaped disk feeding /Automatic Synchro belt feeding, OPTIONAL
Harnesses 12 ~ 14 harnesses, with extra 2 on request
Pick repeats 16-48 dirven by pattern chains
Weft densities 3.5 ~ 36.7 wefts/cm
Selvedge knit I: Weft knitting.
II: Binder thread knitting.
III: Weft and binder thread knitting
V: Weft with binder thread and locking thread
Take-off rollers Double take-off rollers
Rubber feeder Positive feeding devices for Latex threads delivery, AVAILABLE


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