Spooling Machine for Pile Strips

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Important Features

For the winding of pile trips on the paper tube, the winding performance must keep the piles of the strips no deformation at all, at the same time make the winding formation even and accurate. The machines we supply to customers are equipped with a specially designed feeding unit which perfectly protects the piles and delivers the strips to the winding unit at a appropriate tension. The winding operation is carried out by a traverse mechanism controlled by the PLC system. It performs precisely and stably. Input the parameters of the pile height, strip width, winding length and the tube measurements on the touch screen, the winding process will start comfortably. 


Product Detail

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Possible Applications:  

Specially to wind the pile tapes onto a paper tube.


 Machine Models and Specifications

Model number


Fabric nature

Pile trips, non-elastic

Fabric width

Max.14mm or customized

Spool width

Max. 200mm or customized

Winding speed


Machine power


Space occupy


Winding length

With length setting and measuring system

Winding formation

Parallel winding

Length & stop control

Fabric length measuring & detecting of tape knot, tangled, machine stops automatically



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