Hot/Cold Tape Cutting Machines

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Hot and cold cutting machines are budget machines to be used in the cutting of elastic or non-elastic narrow fabrics. The machines are flexible to deal with woven fabrics, braided or twisted ropes, knitted ribbons, whether they are made of textile fibers, or composed of ceramic fibers, glass fibers and even metal wires, and whether they are flat or round in shape, solid or hollow in appearances. The machines are of computer controlled for setting the cutting length, cutting quantities and cutting speed. The machines can be equipped with photoelectric devices to cut the stuffs in an irregular length. With hot cutting motion, the cutting duration can be adjusted in accordance with the thickness of the fabric. It makes the cut ends firmly sealed and without getting charred.

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Possible Applications:  

The cutting of elastic or rigid narrow fabrics

The cutting of narrow fabrics that are woven, braided, or knitted.

The cutting of narrow stuff that is made by ceramic fiber, glass fiber, or metal wires.

The cutting of narrow stuff that are flat or round, solid or hollow.


Machine Models and Specifications

Model number MYF100C MYF200C MYF360C MYF400C
Cutter width 80mm 200mm 360mm 400mm
Fabric thickness Max.8mm Max.8mm Max.8mm Max.8mm
Cutter configuration Downward Single blade / Opposite Double blades. OPTIONAL
Cutting patterns Straight / Bevel / Arch / Round, to be customized
Cutting means Cold cut / Cold & Hot cut
Fabric feeding devices Available, offered on request
Cutting length control By servo motor with encoder to measure and record the length, length tolerance: +/-1cm in10M.
Cutting speed max. 100m/min. depending on the thickness of the webbing, adjustable


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