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For some industrial webbings, such as lashings and straps, safety belts, etc. it usually needs the cutting and rolling process performed on a higher quality level and with a higher production efficiency. The continuous cutting & rolling machines introduced here are the ideal machines to achieve the targets. The feeding unit of the machine is equipped with sensitive sensors to accurately measure the length of the webbing that is to be cut and wound into one roll. The cutters are made of special steel material with the cutting ends undergone strict hard-treatment. The cutters are configured in scissors way to give the webbing smooth and neat cut edges.The machines are equipped with a robot mechanism to grip the webbing end still when it is cut and restart feeding it to the rolling mandrel when one rolling is finished. Then, a new cutting-rolling process gets started. The finished roll, if needed, can be stapled immediately, or to be delivered to the next station where to bundle it with a piece of plastic strip, or to perforate it to have position holes. Those all are accomplished by automatic mechanisms.

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Continuous cutting and rolling of synthetic narrow webbings, when needed, with extra stapling, perforation or bundling.


Machine Models and Specifications

Model number MYF100C/R MYF200C/R
Machine configuration vertical horizontal
Cutting pattern Straight cut by Opposite Double blades Straight cut by Opposite Double blades
Cutting width Max. 100mm Max. 200mm
Cutting thickness Max.8mm Max.8mm
Rolling length Max. 50m Max. 100m
Rolling pattern Coreless. (a), 1 end in and 1 end out. (b) 2 ends out. OPTIONAL
Length control By servo motor with encoder to measure and record the length, length tolerance: +/-1cm in10M.
Working speed max.100m/min. depending on the thickness of the webbing, adjustable
Stapling devices Available on request
Position perforation Available on request
Roll bundling Available on request


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