Functional Looms for Velcro Tapes

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These are the functional weaving machines or functional needle looms developed for the weaving of Velcro tapes, i.e. the hook or loop fastener tapes. The machines are built on a widened and reinforced base, so their steady and fast running is guaranteed. The warp feeding is controlled by an electronic let-off system which keeps all the warp under an uniform tension, that consequently makes the weaving maintain a consistent fabric width in the whole weaving process. In the past decades, the looms have undergone continuous improvements in qualities, it has given us the ability to supply the looms to the market in big quantities and at relatively lower prices as well. 

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Hook & Loop fastener tapes


Machine Models with Specifications

Model number MVX2/220 MVX2/200 MVX2/175 MVX4/90 MVX4/60
No. of spaces 2 2 4 4 6
Reed width 220mm 200mm 175mm 90mm 60mm
Filling Single weft needle with latching needle
Weft feeding Fan shaped disk feeding /Automatic Synchro belt feeding, OPTIONAL
Harnesses 10 harness frames. The front 6 with Leno healds and Lancets for hook/loop weaving.
The rear 4 with 2-eye flat steel healds for ground weaving
Pick repeats 1:8 by cams / 16-48 by chain patterns OPTIONAL
Weft densities 32 ~ 38 wefts/cm
Selvedge knit I: Weft knitting
II: Binder thread knitting
Warp let-off With electronic warp let-off devices
Tape take-up With front fabric rolling up devices
Heat setting With electronic thermosetting system for hook surface weaving.



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