Functional Looms for Curtain Tapes

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These are ideal curtain tape weaving machines or curtain tape needle looms which have undergone continuous upgrading in machine designs and persistent optimizations in the use of machine components. So, it is natural that the looms have reliable qualities to give our customers the benefits of good performing and low investment cost as well. The looms have several options in the weaving head arrangements such as the filling and latching combinations. They are always ready to be customized to meet the technical demands of the curtain tapes that our customer plans to produce. 

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Possible Applications:  

Roman style curtain tapes

Turkey style curtain tapes

Curtain tapes with 1-4 pockets

Common curtain tapes


Machine Models with Specifications

Model number MUX2/110C MUX4/110C MUX4/90C
No. of spaces 2 4 4
Reed width 110mm 110mm 90mm
Filling & Single weft needle / Double weft needles / Triple weft needles.
Latching 1 – 4 latching needles depending on the pocket numbers of the curtain tapes
Weft feeding By fan shaped disks plus butterfly-shape spring tensioning kits
Harnesses 12 harness frames
Pick repeats Basic 48 repeats, with additional repeats depending on the exact designs of the fabric.
Weft densities 3.5 ~ 36.7 wefts/cm
Selvedge knit I: Weft knitting
II: Binder thread knitting
Take-up By double take-up rollers & grooved steel rollers


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