Functional Looms for Pile Strips

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It is an ideal version of functional weaving machines or needle looms to weave the pile narrow fabrics which can be used as pile weather strips, or as the filter strips on electronic instruments, brushing strips on vacuum cleaners, and dust protective strips on daily life facilities. In the past decades, the looms have undergone again and again the upgrading in designs and the optimization in the use of machine parts, thus they have gained obvious improvements in performances. Practices have given us the experiences to equip the machines with an unique weft insertion system and a simple yet quite efficient shed driving system, which have been proven that they are successful to produce the fabrics with the pile as high as to 40mm before cutting, and despite running at high speed to keep the energy consuming at a low level.

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Weaving pile narrow fabrics used in vacuum cleaners, air conditioners… as brushing or filtering strips, doors & windows, furniture … as dustproof strips.


Machine Models with Specifications

Model number MTC2/125 MTC2/145 MTC2/145E
No. of spaces 2 2 2, able for different pile height
Reed width 125mm 145mm 145mm
Pile height 8~40mm by changing gears 8~40mm automatic adjustable
Weft density Max.13 wefts/cm by changing gears Automatic adjustable
Pile cutting Automatic cutting by circulating blades with on-line grounding
Weft feeding By fan shaped disks plus spring tensioning sets
By synchro belt feeding set
Warp feeding Ground warp by beam balancing stand and feeding rollers
Pile warp by bobbin creels
Fabric take-up By pin-rollers with front take-up roller stand
Auto. stop Running stops automatically on yarn break
Output Average yield: 4 x strips of 40cm ~ 50cm per/min.. Running speed controlled by inverter
Power installed 1.5kW
Machine size 1550mm x 800mm x 1550mm
Space occupied 7300mm x 2050mm x 2100mm


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