Continuous RFID Labeling Machine

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Important Features

These are the machines designed as an integrated system to make textile tags or folded labels with RFID / EAS / DR embedded. The machine range is composed of three working stations: RFID sticking – longitudinal folding & sizing – Ultrasonic cutting & pocket folding & sealing. On the machine line there are equipped the electronic sensors to track and identify correct labels, and attached with the automatic mechanism to blow away the defective ones. The electronic aligning mechanisms are also equipped to keep the feeding and moving of the labels in accurate alignment. With the help of the computer controlling system the machines are systematically combined, they work as a single robot to carry out the performances efficiently.  


Product Detail

Product Tags

Possible Applications:  

To make EAS / DR/ RFID label tags or pocket-format labels..


Machine Model and Specifications

Model number


Label materials

EAS / DR/ RFID in roll and printed label ribbons

Label ribbon width

40mm ~ 160mm

Cutting means

Ultrasonic cutting

Folding patterns

Central folding / Pocket folding

Label dimensions

Central folding: 20mm ~80mm / Pocket folding: 15mm ~ 10mm x 20mm ~ 80mm

Label feeding

Automatic continuous

Working speed

0 ~ 250 pcs/min.

Power consumption


Space occupying

4800mm x 1900mm


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