Label Piling & Sealing Machine

Short Description:

Important Features

This is a machine designed particularly to make 6 pieces of textile labels into one single set of labels by piling them together and seal their ends ultrasonically. They maybe not the same in width and length, they will be accurately aligned and get tidy thoroughly in size. Furthermore, among them, if it is needed, a RFID sheet is able to be inserted as one of the layers. The machine is equipped with multiple cutting mechanisms, or with ultrasonic cutting mechanism as alternatives. Besides, a central fold kit can be fitted as one of the kits to make the set of labels in the pattern of straight cut and central fold combined.

Product Detail

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Possible Applications:  

To pile printed labels by 6 pieces, align and cut, then seal the ends to make them into one set of labels.


Machine Model and Specifications

Model number


Working stations


Straight cut allowance

10~50mm x 25~120mm

Central fold allowance

10~40mm x 30~120mm

Machine dimensions

 3940mm x 1300mm x 2040 (L x W x H)

Working speed

0 ~ 38 pcs/min.

Power consumption


Machine dimensions

 3940mm x 1300mm x 2040 (L x W x H)


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