RFID Tag Sticking Machine

Short Description:

Important Features

This is the machine designed as an automatic system to undertake the operations of sticking RFID labels onto tags, tickets, cards. The machine is built with a full automatic working station which has the motion of transferring the RFID to the sticking position and delivering the material tag to the same position in precise coordination, in turn to perform the sticking of RFID on the material tag accurately, efficiently. The machine is also equipped with a vacuum mechanism to categorize the labels, and a mechanism to stack the labels and record their numbers as well.


Product Detail

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Possible Applications:  

Sticking RFID labels onto tags, tickets, cards.


Machine Model and Specifications

Model number MY811-1R
Working speed 200pcs/min.
Label dimensions  Max. 200mm x 110mm
Power consumption 2kW
Machine measurement L2000mm x W700mm x H1500mm

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