Multi-weft-colour Jacquard Needle Looms

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These are the computerized Jacquard narrow fabric needle looms or computerized Jacquard narrow fabric weaving machines which are particularly developed for the weaving of narrow fabrics which need to present multiple weft colour effects. The selection of the weft for weft insertion is performed by the Jacquard machine directly, it precisely coordinates with the movements of the Jacquard hooks that lift the warp to form the shedding. The ups and downs of the Jacquard hooks are controlled by sensitive electronic magnetic devices. The take-up motion is controlled by a servo system. From the shedding to the filling and to the taking-up, the whole process is controlled by an integrated controlling system which can be programmed on the loom central computer.

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Narrow fabrics with multiple colour weft-effective motifs


Machine Models & Specifications

Model number Example: MYM4/65-J192W
MYM4/65 is the loom model number.
“J” means Jacquard, 192 is the number of Jacquard hooks
“W” means the loom is equipped with multiple weft selections.
Loom type Any one of our MYM series of needle looms
Jacquard type Jacquard hooks controlled by magnetic module of every 8 hooks as one integration.
Hook numbers From 128 to 640 OPTIONAL
(determined by the pattern designs of the fabric and the reed width of the loom)
Programming Make designs with CAD on normal PC and use SUB key to load the data.
Insert the USB key into the loom controller and record or recall the pre-programmed data for production.
Weft colors 2 ~ 6 colors AVAILABLE
Weft selection Automatic selection controlled by Jacquard
Pick repeats Endless, controlled by computer programs
Shedding Pattern warp directly controlled by Jacquard hooks.
Ground warp controlled by heald frames which are driven by pattern chains
Selvedge knit I: Weft knitting
II: Binder thread knitting
III: Weft and binder thread knitting
V: Weft with binder and catch threads knitting
Take-up rollers Single / Double take-off rollers & Grooved steel rollers / PU covered rollers. OPTIONAL


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