Finishing Machines for synthetic webbing

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- The layout of padding rollers gives uniform distribution of the chemicals into the webbing from the middle to the edges.

- Pre-drying is made by infrared tubes which are made of carbon fibre material that has longer life time and faster heating-up capability.

- The hot air under electronically controlled pressure and load is steadily delivered and uniformly distributed into the chamber, making the thermofixation achieve the required and satisfying quality.

- Equipped with computerized temperature controlling system which analyses the temperature data detected from the key points in the production process and regulates it automatically.

- The central controlling system is done by PLC to make the working speed, elongation ratio and the thermofixation state be matched perfectly each other.

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Working width 200mm 400mm 600mm
Padding bath 3-rollers, with liquid level control and automatic chemical supplement devices.
Pre-drying Generated by Infra-red tubes with automatic power-off system. (Optional)
1st elongation control Optional7-rollers, with motor and gear reduction box.
Thermofixation chamber Stainless steel material with sandwich heat-preservation body.Generated by natural gas heating system or electric heating system on requestWith automatic power-off and safety protecting system
2nd elongation control Optional9-rollers, with motor and gear reduction box.
Washing unit Optional4~12 washing tanks of stainless steel material with circulating flow water.Above 2 of the tanks have heating control which is adjustable

With pneumatic controlled Squeezing Rollers

Cooling and take-off unit Cooling rack and take-off rollers driven by motor with gears
Temperature control By automatic temperature controlling system with digital display
Speed control By PLC with frequency converter 


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