Finishing Machines for Hook&Loop tapes

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Coating & Setting Range -

- While making the coating on the back side of the tape, gives good quality effect to the pile or hook side.

- By building the chambers in sandwich configuration and using quality material to get the result of saving energy and lifting the working efficiency.

- Of Environmental friendliness designs

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Coating & Setting Range
Tape feed-in 1 tape, with regulating rollers and wetting unit
Drying unit 2 cylinders, steam heated,Made of stainless steel material and with Teflon coating
Coating room With electronic coat-thickness regulation devices and automatic liquid compensation pumpWith extraction trunks and ventilation duct
Thermo chambers Of stainless steel materialOf sandwich body with heat preservation cotton and heat preservation board insideEquipped with steam heat-exchanger
Tape take-off Torsion control with magnet clutch
Working capacity Designed in compliance with the tape width to be produced and the yield required.


  Hook Cutting Machine Tape Slitting Machine
Working capacity 2 ends 1 end, slitting width can be 10mm minimum
Working speed Max.4m/min. controlled by Inverter Max.100m/min. controlled by Inverter
Heating control Temperature adjustable Temperature adjustable
Length control Controlled by length meter Controlled by length meter

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