Film-free Tipping Machines

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Important Features

It is a growing trend to use the film-free tipping machines in the tipping of textile cords, laces or ropes. The traditional tipping machines use plastic films and chemical glue in the tipping process, while the film-free tipping machines use nothing but only the ultrasonic waves as heating source to make the tipping. And, the ultrasonic waves are generated by the tipping machines themselves. The tipping performance gives gentle and comfortable feels. That is the best tipping solution especially for high-grade wears. It is also environmental-friendly!

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Possible Applications:  

To make the tip for braided cords or woven laces for garments or shoes.


Machine Models and Specifications

Model number


Cord material

Made of synthetic fiber

Product length (mm)

Infinite, preset

Tipping mould (mm)

Length and width customized


Automatic / Manual Optional

Output speed

Average 15pcs/min.

Machine power


Machine dimensions


Compress air


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