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Some quality narrow fabrics need unique appearances, some narrow fabrics need to have functional properties, such as waterproof, fireproof, etc., and there are narrow fabrics which are relatively wide or thick. For these various applications, a suitable chamber finishing range can give competent solutions! The starching-bath can be specially constructed to provide high permeability for chemicals, the padding rollers can be made in appropriate width and with correct surface hardness. The thermosetting chambers, depending on the material of the narrow fabrics, can be equipped with hot air heating system or steam heating system, if necessary plus an Infrared heating system as a preceding drying unit. Good circulations of hot air, or even distributions of steam, will not only save the energy but also give good performances. Good arrangements of the guiding rollers will not only avoid the deforming of fabrics but also prevent the fabrics to get excessive elongation or shrinkage. For some applications, the finishing machine should be in the configuration of thermosetting chamber with ironing cylinders combined.

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Possible Applications:  

Finishing of elastic or non-elastic narrow fabrics which need special surface appearances,

Finishing of narrow fabrics which need functional properties as waterproof, fireproof, etc.

Finishing of narrow fabrics which are relatively wide or thick.

Finishing of narrow fabrics in big capacities


Machine Models and Specifications

Model number




Guiding roller width




Infrared pre-drying




Heating chamber(s)

Tailor-made, depending on the features and thickness of the fabrics.

Ironing cylinders

Necessary when dealing with relatively thick or some special fabrics

Heating system

By hot air system or steam system, depending on the fabric material

Temperature control

Automatic by independent unit controlling system

Tension control

By air-cylinder system with balance system as supplement

Padding control

By pneumatic system

Machine stop

Automatic stop on ribbon breakage or over-stretched

Speed control

By Inverters


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