Needle Looms for fashion ribbons

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These are the narrow fabric weaving machines or narrow fabric needle looms developed for the weaving of elastic or non-elastic narrow fabrics which are woven by natural or synthetic fiber yarns of fine yarn count, these fabrics are usually woven in fashion designs or with intricate weaves and compound selvedge knitting. The key motions of the looms, as the shed forming and fabric taking up are driven by integrated worm gear mechanisms, which work under a secured ecosystem that the oil circulation system constantly supplies lubrication to the working areas. These mechanisms are sophisticated configurations with gears and shafts in perfect meshing. Supported by automatic synchro-belt weft feeding, the weft insertion with shed forming, the fabric taking off with reed beating are precisely and systematically in coordination. Thus, the weaving of fabric is smooth and excellent performances are obtained.

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Possible Applications:  

Elastic straps for bra, facing laces for lingerie

Elastics for underwear

Narrow fabrics for upholstery


Fancy ribbons

Laces or ribbons for mattress and bed clothing


Machine Model and Specifications

Model number MYM12/27 MYM8/27 MYM8/30 MYM6/42
Head numbers 12 8 8 6
Reed width 27mm 2mm 30mm 42mm
Filling Single weft needle / Double weft needles OPTIONAL
Weft feeding Automatic Synchro belt feeding
Harnesses 20 harness frames
Pick repeats 16-48 by pattern chains
Weft densities 3.5 ~ 36.7 wefts/cm
Selvedge knit I: Weft knitting
II: Binder thread knitting
III: Weft and binder thread knitting
V: Weft with binder and catch threads knitting
Take-off rollers Single / Double take-off rollers & Grooved steel rollers / PU covered rollers
Rubber feeder Positive feeding devices for Latex threads delivery, AVAILABLE
Picot systems Devices for Warp picots / Weft picots, AVAILABLE


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