Narrow Fabric Spooling Machines

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For the narrow fabrics that need to be wound onto a spool within a certain length and specially need a even forming, the spooling machines described here are the ideal machines to achieve the target, they are cost-effective and give good performances. The machines are equipped with precise traverse mechanism to wind the ribbons onto a spool in parallel formation, stably and evenly. They are equipped with torsion control DC motor and are attached with clutch-brake system. They have the functions to detect fabric knot or breakage, to count fabric length. When fabric knot or breakage occurs, or the required fabric length reaches, the machine will stop automatically.

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To wind narrow fabrics, elastic or non-elastic onto a spool


Machine Models and Specifications

Model number MYF180H MYF126H
Fabric nature elastic/non-elastic elastic/non-elastic
Fabric width Max.16mm Max.50mm
Winding style Horizontal Horizontal
Spool width 30~180mm 200~400mm
Winding speed Max.100m/min. Max.100m/min.
Machine power 1.5kW 1.5kW
Space occupy 1100x(800/2000)mm 1100x(800/2000)mm
Winding length With length setting and measuring system
Winding formation Parallel winding
Length & stop control Fabric length measuring & detecting of tape knot, tangled, machine stops automatically
Metal substance detecting Available on request


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