Narrow Fabric Festooning Machines

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The festooning machines introduced here are the ideal machines for layering narrow fabrics, elastic or non-elastic in a zigzag pattern into a carton by using the precise and sensitive traverse and ribbon guiding system. By the help of automatic fabric feeding mechanism the laying of the ribbon is smooth, even and tension-free. The elevating of the carton is automatically controlled by an independent motor, that keeps the layering of the ribbons tidy and with minimal space-waste density. The machine is equipped with electronic devices to detect fabric knot or breakage, to set and count fabric length. When fabric knot or breakage appears, or the required fabric length reaches, the machine stops automatically. The machine is really reliable in dealing with fine and soft narrow fabrics! 

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Layering narrow fabrics, elastic or non-elastic in a zigzag pattern into a carton.


Machine Models and Specifications

Model number MYF80F MYF80H
Motion style Horizontal reciprocating Vertical reciprocating
Fabric Number 1 pc 2 / 4 pcs
Fabric nature Elastic/ non-elastic elastic/ non-elastic
Fabric width 8~80mm 4 ~ 50mm
Carton dimensions 34x34x25cm or to be customized 44x44cm or to be customized
Working speed 10~100m/min. 2/4 x 10~100m/min
Machine power 1.62kW 0.75kW
Speed control Inverters Inverters
Space occupy 102x114x84cm &178x89x46cm 100x90x180cm
Length & stop control Automatic length measuring & tape knot, breakage detecting, machine stops automatically
Metal substance detecting Available on request



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