Looms for heavy-duty webbing

Short Description:


- Specially built for the weaving with heavy stretch force and the fabric is made of high density or compound weave.

- Giant shedding motion with powerful beating-up mechanism makes it be able to produce as thick as 8mm thick fabric.

- Take-off rollers are driven by ratchet-gears which provides stable and precise weaving performances.

- Solid strengthen body makes the running stable and achieve the best weaving quality.

- With automatic oiling system.

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Available Tech-attachments:

1. Electronic Accumulators for weft feeding.

2. Tension-rollers stand with warp creels

3. Beam rack for warping



Model number MYM2/80G MYM2/135G MYM2/165G MYM2/180VG
No. of spaces 2 2 2 2
Working width 80mm 135mm 165mm 180mm
Fabric thickness Around 3mm~5mm Around 3mm~8mm
No. of harness 12
Shedding motion Driven by pattern chains / by cams: 8 optional Driven by cams
Pick repeat By pattern chains: 36, by cams: 1 : 8 1:8
Selvedge Knit Single / Double binder threads or locking threads on request
Working rpm 400~600 300~500
Speed control


Single-speed motor with Frequency Converter

Double-speed motor with Slow Motion


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