Ribbon Bundling Machines

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It is a series of automatic bundling machines, compact and efficient. The bands used to bundle the textile items can be of paper tapes or OPP band tapes. The machine has electronic detecting system to chase the bundling tape and control the tape feeding length, accurate with minimum tolerances, at the same time keep the bundling force within a correct limit.

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To bundle narrow fabrics by printed paper bands or plastic bands which have company logo and product parameters.


Machine Model and Specifications

Loom model MDT-420X
Bundle size Customized
Band material Paper tapes / OPP tapes
Band width 20mm ~ 50mm
Band feeding Automatic with length control
Band cutting Automatic
Bundling force Standard: 60N or Customized
Heating temperature Max. 160℃
Bundling speed 26r/min.
Machine power 200W ~ 800W (customized depending on the bundle size)
Space occupy Max. 560mm x 300mm

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