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We build brand new Jacquard harness assemblies for our customers to replace their existing ones that are coming to the end of their lifetime. We are specially good at making the Jacquard harness assemblies for the world brand label looms, such as MBJ series and Vaupel label looms. We use the supplies of Jacquard accessories like lifting cords, comber boards and steel healds from the world brand manufacturers. They are durable and keep no elongation in catching up any of the pick speed of the weaving looms. We make the measuring and fixing of cords with healds on computerized automatic machine, so they are precise in length, even in extension, and smooth in the linking. They have accurate layout in angle, gauge, symmetry, and keep the even level of heald eyes. They match the base looms perfectly well and carry out the performances as good as the originals.   

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We deliver brand new Jacquard harness assemblies in fast speed to the customers worldwide for the customers to replace their old ones of either Swiss label looms, or German label looms, and narrow fabric Jacquard looms as well.


Jacquard Harness Assembly


Adaptable to looms MBJ, Vaupel, MEI, NFMJ, MVC
Suitable for weaving Plain weave / Satin weave, Cut edge / woven edge
Link to the Jacquard
Comb boards Of genuine Vulcan fibre material with oil treatment in surface and holes.Holes and edges are fine grounded and radian finished.With the exact same geometric dimensions and the arrangements of holes as the originals   
Pull up Cords Made of high-tenacity and resistant synthetic filaments,abrasion resistant with anti-static finishing.
Combination links Shrink PVC tube links with smooth conical ends, easy exchange.

Pull down springs

Made of high quality stainless steel, vibration-free



Adaptable to looms MBJ, Vaupel, M.E.I.
Suitable for weaving Rapier looms: Műller, Sulzer, Smit, Vamatex, Picanol
Air jet looms: Műller, Dornier, Picanol, Tsudakoma,
Water jet looms: NISSAN
Label looms: Műller, Vaupel, M.E.I.
Narrow needle looms: Műller
Suitable for applications Labels, Ties, Terry towelsHome Textiles/Furnishing fabricNarrow fabricCarpet/Velvet
Use of comber boards Of genuine Vulcan fibre material or Dellrin having a Hard Varnish coverage capable to reduce the friction and for a maximum durability.
Use of harness cords Made of high-tenacity Polyester, antistatic, abrasion resistant and thermo fixed, originally produced in Europe.
Use of pull-down components Springs with anti-vibration reductions equipped with Nickel plated healds/heddles and PVC-tubes or conical shrink sleeves.Lycra elastics are also available.Spring tension and heald eyelets are supplied according to the weaving requirements as per the original designs.
Harnesses assembling Made precisely by experienced technicians in accurate compliance with the original Jacquard designs.

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