Silicon Screen Print. Machine

Short Description:

Equipped with electronic tracking and traction system to keep accurate color register.

With automatic screen frame lifting system to avoid ink blocking and make even printing.

Be efficient to print multiple ribbons simultaneously.

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Model No. Print-color Max.print-area Drying temperature Power consumption Machine size
MYS-S1C 1 260x500mm 50~200℃ 4~12kW 650x55x185cm
MYS-S2C 2 260x500mm 50~200℃ 6~12kW 1150x55x185cm
MYS-S3C 3 260x500mm 50~200℃ 6~12kW 1550x55x185cm
MYS-S4C 4 260x500mm 50~200℃ 8~12kW 1950x55x185cm

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